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Born in 1962 in London

Married to Angela

2 boys William & Charlie

Lives in Somerset


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Now 51 year’s young and wanting new challenges. I have found I have a flare for creating recipes out of next to nothing and I’m able to cook these in the most extreme conditions. My recipes have a good cross over from outdoor to home cooking for the less adventurous cook.

My passion and aim is to get everyone trying at least one of my recipes, and cutting the reliance that many people have with junk food.

From the filming I have done to date, I have been told that I come over on Camera very well and should have a future in TV presenting……..we will see.

My love of sailing and cooking came together quite naturally. Having sailed a few times, I found I was getting a bit bored with the food that was on offer. I was asked to victual the yacht on one occasion, and thought that I could cook some tasty food with ingredients I could pick up from the local supermarket, with the same budget that was spent on easy junk food. The results from my efforts did not go unnoticed, and was soon asked to victual and sort out the menus on all the cruises we went on.

One particular race springs to mind, now bearing in mind that I cruise, not race, and so we did not go through the hardships of emptying the water tanks and having rationed food. Even under race conditions, I managed to prepare a lime and coriander chicken, stuffed in baked pita with a mixed leaf salad and mustard dressing, served with a couple of bottles of chilled Chablis. Having a well-fed, and pretty chilled crew, seems to have done the trick, we got second place.

I have continued creating, and adapting meals that can easily be prepared & cooked on board. These meals can also be used when you are camping, just by using 2 rings. I also hope that the recipes in my book will be used at home.