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From: Brian G



Having had chance to draw breath and recover a bit from the festivities I thought I ought to say what a wonderful job you and your helpers did the other weekend.

I know I said something vaguely similar before, but having considered it at length and discussed it with Mrs. G we were very impressed with the quality of food and preparation and the way in which it was all delivered without stress or hassle.

I'm not sure how you're going to top that next year, but hopefully you will rise to the challenge.

Thanks very much for a great day.



Hi Brian will try my best to rise to the challenge!


From: Janet & Brian G



Thanks to you and your helpers for Sunday.

It's not often that everybody at a party says how great the food was, but on Sunday everybody at the Little Fish BBQ did just that.

I can't think of any way in which it could have been improved, everything was absolutely first rate, from the canapes to the tea and cake afterwards, it was all just terrific.

Just had some of the left-over chicken Piri Piri. Sadly I forgot how powerful it was and stupidly broke wind, I am now in Buenos Airies and hope to be back for the weekend.

Many thanks for making it such a success.

Best wishes,

Janet and Brian.


Hi Janet and Brian,

Many thanks for your kind words, it is so rewarding knowing that the food was enjoyed by all.

It was a pleasure cooking for yourselves and your guests and look forward to the next time.

Brian, hope you had a nice flight & gentle landing!

Kindest, Martin


From: Helen H
Hi Martin,

Liking the website, what are you cooking up next ??
Do you want to try my Chilli Con Carne recipe.
XX Love Helen


Hi Helen, great seeing you over the Christmas holiday, and yes, please send through your Chilli Con Carne recipe and I will put it on the site.



From: Rebecca D
Helen is my next door neighbour , we are liking the site and looking forward to your next demo, I specialise in prep of meat, game and fish I work as a Senior Tutor in Hospitality and Catering .
any fishing trips let me know . x Rebecca


Hi Rebecca, glad you like my site, will have to meet up next time I'm up that way.



From: LUDIVINE R (France)

Hi Martin,
I found your website very nice and easy to access everything we need;
Hope you'll have a big success and make your own book as soon as possible.
Hope to come visiting Conway's family next year, and I promise we'll cooking a lot together.
Love from?

Thanks for the kind words Ludi, and will look forward to meeting up and cooking together.



From: julia b
This is a really inspiring website I will show
it to my friends


Hi Julia thanks for the kind words, glad you like the web site.

It was great fun cooking with you the other day and remember to send me some of your recipes.



Thought I'd have a look and found a bright attractive web site - love the write up's and the direct no-nonsense recipes. How about us veggies though!!??
M... BoS


Hi M
Thanks for your comments, but of the 8 recipes listed so far 5 contain NO meat, thinking you veggies aren't doing too bad, will have to add a few more meaty recipes to keep the balance right LOL


Thanx very much for the recipe lol ill try it tomorrow

J... Bridgwater

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