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Dinghy Sailing in Falmouth July 2009

9th July

Paul is driving me and him to a little camp site just outside of Falmouth with his Wayfarer Dinghy in tow, for a weekend of sailing. Having done very little dinghy sailing I was asking Paul loads of questions on the way down, then I came onto the subject of capsizing and getting wet. Paul informed me Wayfarer’s are very hard to capsize and in the 5 years of owning “Ketchup” he had never had her over.

The miles went by at a good pace and we were soon pitching our tent in a very nice camp site in glorious sunshine in deepest Cornwall. We were to meet up with a couple of Pauls sailing buddies at the camp site who, were also sailing a Wayfarer. Richard arrived later at the site and informed us due to a cock up on dates that Bobby could not join us to the following evening and he would either sail single handed or join us in Ketchup tomorrow.

All tents pitched, the three of us went to the Old Quay Inn for some evening grub. The setting was very nice and the food was ok, portions on the small side, but well cooked local ingredients, then back and bed for an early start in the morning.

10th July

7.30am washed, dressed and ready to go, we hook up the two Wayfarers and head on down to Mylor Marina. Now having always sailed yachts, I turn up at the marina, jump aboard, do some checks and I’m off into the blue be yonder, NOT QUITE SO with a Wayfarer. 10.45am still rigging up and I’ve not had any coffee yet, let alone breakfast, I’m bloody starving and getting ratty due to the lack of caffeine in my system. I convince Paul and Richard it is in the best interest of all concerned that we fix my cravings and head off to the local café on the front. Their advert on a sign outside, say that they do the best breakfast in town, as they were the only one we could see doing breakfasts they were probably right, but in all fairness we had a superb breakfast.

Having now launched the dinghies, Paul and Richard had to take the trailers to the trailer park, 30 minutes later we were ready to set sail.

12.30 we get under way, heading out to sea and the aim is to meet up at the Ferry Boat Inn in the River Helford. We soon loose sight of Richard who has decided to sail his dinghy single handed. I have the helm as we pass Black Rock in the mouth of the river Fal, a big fat seal is having a nice afternoon nap on the rocks at low tide as we sail passed. The wind is a force 3 coming from the South West so we point out towards sea which should give us a nice beam reach in the Helford River. As we sail on, all the messing about rigging Ketchup earlier is forgotten, she sails superbly, I’m really enjoying myself and don’t really want to stop, but we see Richard again and both dinghies tie up alongside the pier. We have a fantastic late lunch at the Ferry Boat Inn, I had Helford Crab and I must say crab is one of my favourites and this was the best I have eaten to date, the bread was all homemade as well, I will be defiantly going back there.

We sailed back with full bellies and moored the dinghies up onto a pontoon in Mylor. Ashore we meet up with Bobby and we all went back to the camp site.