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October 10-12

Sailing on Rosa

Sailed Rosa from St Katherines Dock back to Cowes

August 22-26


Shot another pilot for a new cookery show "My Dad Cooks Best"

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July 14

TV Meeting

Meeting in London on board Rosa in St Katherines Dock. Screening the pilot we shot in June, fingers crossed.

July 09 - 12

Dinghy sailing

Off to Falmouth for a long weekends dinghy sailing, not sailed dinghy's for years should be great fun.

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June 19-25

Flying to Spain

Secret filming on the flight down to expose how much of a rip-off airline food is.

June 16-17


Shot a pilot for a brand new cook show “Quickies with Martin”

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April 9-13

Sailing on Rosa for Easter

Taking Rosa from Cowes to St Katherines Dock London

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March 10

Rose D'Or Nominations

WOW went along to BAFTA for the nominations, great evening